Mama Pea’s book! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book for what seems like an eternity (patience is not a trait I possess). I’ve been a reader/fan of her blog for a while now, and when my middle kid went vegan a little over a year ago I wasn’t worried about feeding her because I knew I could turn to Mama Pea’s blog for tasty healthy vegan recipes. I was so excited for MP when she got the book deal, and I pre-ordered as soon as pre-ordering was possible. Yesterday it finally arrived, all pretty and new in my mailbox. And after flipping through and reading a few stories (in case you’re not aware, Mama Pea is one of the funniest people in the blogosphere) the boy and I got to work. First on the agenda:

Mama Pea’s balls. Or rather, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls. These are hands down the best vegan cookies I have ever tasted. They are made of awesome, and you need to bake some ASAP.  The recipe is on her blog, just in case you don’t have the book yet.

Yum. I ate three.

The cookies turned out so well, we decided to roll with another “recipea” for dinner.

Better Than Ever Black Bean Burgers. These were a snap to make and they taste amazing. Everyone loved them, even the non-vegans (which is everyone except E). Mama Pea has a great black bean burger recipe on her blog as well, but the one in the book, as the title suggests, is even better after some tasty additions to the basic formula.

I want to eat dinner all over again.

I really love this book (can you tell?). There are tons of great recipes, hilarious stories (the garbage eating dog story made me laugh out loud), and beautiful photography by Ashley of The Edible Perspective. Best cookbook purchase I’ve made in a while.