The high temperature tomorrow is supposed to be low 90s. I never thought I’d think of low 90s as cooler, but after today’s heat index of 119°? Yeah.

My appetite returned today. I took my last prednisone pill (corticosteroid used to treat asthma short term) and am breathing at least 75% better. I called the doctor and made an appointment for Monday afternoon and told the office I need to switch out my inhaler. I’ve been on the same inhaler regimen for around 10-12 years, and it works really well for me. But last month on the day before we left for vacation I had to go to the ER because I had an asthma attack I couldn’t get under control. My own fault, I ate gluten two days in a row. Stupid move. Anyway, ER doc decided I should try a *new* (read: $85) combination inhaler instead of the two I was using. Long story short, it’s been a month and I hate the new inhaler. It gives me a headache and heartburn I have not seen the likes of since my third pregnancy when I only gained 13 pounds because I couldn’t eat. Worse than that it hasn’t made a bit of difference in my ability to breathe. So Monday I’m getting back on what works.

That salad I had for breakfast? I had another one a couple of hours later because I was starving and salad was the only thing that appealed.

Around 2:00 I got hungry and wanted some protein, so I scrambled a couple of eggs with some goat cheese and salsa and ate it alongside leftover potatoes from last night.

So good.

For dinner we had brown rice pasta from Trader Joe’s with ground turkey, onion, zucchini, marinara, some shredded goat cheese, fresh basil, and a shot of heavy cream.

Does it look like slop? Because it tasted incredible. I love, love, love TJ’s brown rice pasta. It honestly tastes exactly like regular pasta, but no gluten. Score. I had my favorite soda in the world along side my dinner. B was sweet enough to buy me some on his way home from work.

Grapefruit Izze = Love of my life.

I was starving and almost didn’t want to wait long enough to snap the picture before I dug in.

Lola agrees.