I hate the term “Hump Day.” My teachers in school used to use that term and it made me twitchy. Plus, my least favorite day of the week is Tuesday. It’s just kind of there; a barrier to the hump that is Wednesday. Nothing special about Tuesday. Once I get past Tuesday, I’m good.

In true HD fashion, today was a bit of a drag. We’re in the middle of a crushing heat wave (along with everyone else in the middle of the country) and with a heat index of 111° and 87% humidity, it makes breathing really difficult. Oh, BTW, I have asthma. So yeah, today wasn’t great for me. I didn’t eat much until dinner and I didn’t work out save for some light yoga and meditation. I love summer, but I really hope this heat takes a hike soon.

Here’s what I did manage to eat:

Coffee. Required. Always.

Farmer’s market peach. The peach guy we buy from is a little old Greek man. I want to adopt him, to be honest. Sweetest peaches on earth.

That was pretty much all I managed food-wise yesterday. Until dinner, that is. Bloggers to the rescue.

Holy schnikes, was this dinner ever good. That’s orange roughy with Mama Pea’s famous Mmmm Sauce. OMG, that sauce is amazing. I mean, I expected it to be good because everything I’ve ever made from her blog has been delicious, but wow.

The roasted potatoes are from Jessica at How Sweet It Is. Potatoes are my favorite food, so there’s no going wrong with them, but the flavors in this recipe are beyond words. Bacon, gorgonzola, onion, cilantro. Speechless over these.

Greek salad rounded it out. My kid made the salad dressing from lemon juice, a crushed garlic clove, a hit of dijon mustard, EV olive oil, s&p. Delish. Perfect heat wave food.

After dinner I got to relax on the deck with some tea and my new book:

(for about five minutes, and then I was sweltering and sweating and came inside).

I’m a bit of a cookbook junkie and this one is really nice. Beautiful pictures and semi-fancy food, most of which I will probably never manage to make, but there are also some recipes I can see myself making regularly. The book I’m REALLY waiting on is Mama Pea’s. It’s been pre-ordered and now I just have to be patient. I’m really bad at being patient.

The heat is not expected to let up for a few days yet, so I’ll probably be hibernating in the AC and wondering how people without AC are surviving.

I am so lucky to have the option.