Hey, hey. I’m spending my day buried in work. Woo! I have such a love-hate relationship with my job. I love the fact that I can work from home (ideal when you have kids) but the job just isn’t enjoyable at all. In fact, it’s mind-numbingly boring and tedious. But with the way things are with the economy these days and so many people out of work, I am mostly just thankful to be employed at all, so I try not to complain because in the grand scheme of things my problems are miniscule.

I had a great yoga session this morning. Since I work from home and have kids, studio classes are mostly a thing of the past and/or a luxury. The logistics and the cost, etc, become more of a problem when you’re juggling a family, a house, a job, and all of the other kajillion things we have to accomplish during the day. So yoga DVDs are the perfect solution in my world.

I have a few.

That is *most* of my Ravi & Ana collection. Yes. Most. I have a problem, obviously.

Kundalini = Savior of my Sanity

This morning’s workout was Solar Power.

Description:  Shine like the sun, energize, stretch, and transform your life! Experience an all-in-one Kundalini Yoga workout you will love for life! Here is the best of the ancient and new: traditional yoga’s spiritual depth and knowledge of body and mind, with the newest innovations in body mechanics and effective fitness. This flowing, fun workout will help you make great gains on all levels. Ana & Ravi have popularized Kundalini Yoga, the “Jewel in the Crown,” of yoga systems and the perfect practice for achieving optimum health and energy. Featuring the design your own workout Matrix menu option, this DVD features techniques which target the all-important solar plexus, for balance on all levels, energy, and the ability to live in the rhythm and flow of life. From yoga newbie to expert, this DVD is the yoga experience you’ve been waiting for.

Kundalini, as I said above, is my favorite yoga discipline. It leaves me feeling calm and centered and peaceful and blissed out, ready to take on my day. And with that, I’m off to tackle some typing. Happy Tuesday!