(and you too, Gwyneth)

Good God, my legs, my arms, my everything. You know how you’re going along, thinking you’re in great shape, minding your own business, and then something happens that knocks you on your ass and makes you want to cry? That thing that knocked me on my ass and made me want to cry is named Tracy. I’m like nine inches taller than her and probably outweigh her by 40 pounds, but she beat the hell out of me. And I liked it.

I love the Mat Workout, and was gifted over the weekend with her new Metamorphosis DVDs (the Omnicentric set) by a friend who tried it and was turned off by Tracy’s instruction, or lack thereof. I’ve been doing barre workouts/classes for a long time so I’m familiar with proper form and her lack of cueing and proper alignment isn’t a big deal to me. For someone who isn’t as familiar I’d recommend something with better instruction and form correction tips first to help prevent strains, etc. But overall I love Tracy’s method. It’s tough. Even though you might preview it and think that flailing your arms around for 15 minutes cannot be that difficult, trust me. You will be feeling it by the end.

So I did the day one workout today. The whole program is something like 14 weeks. I doubt my attention span will hold out that long, but we shall see.

If you do check out Tracy’s Meta program understand that I do not in any way recommend her eating plan. I am a NO DIETING girl, and if I tried to follow the eating plan that comes with Metamorphosis I’d be ready to gnaw my own arm off by day three. Seriously. After seeing the amounts and types of food she recommends, it’s no wonder to me that her celebrity clients are so tiny.

I eat WAY more than she recommends and that will not be changing. I like food.


Exciting, I know. I am just not a big fan of food in the AM.

Lunch was far more interesting, and much tastier. I will pretty much eat anything that contains avocado, and I eat minimum two avocados a week. It’s a lot, I know. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, I have a fat tooth so avocados are like my chocolate.

Udi’s GF multigrain toasted (bread must be toasted), avocado, heirloom tomato, roasted chicken breast, FSTG sweet potato chips, a peach, and more rooibos tea (fave).

Dinner was GF pizza with homemade pesto, heirloom tomatoes, and another one with garlic oil, kalamata olives, red onion, mozzarella, and feta.

That’s the garlic oil, kalamata, red onion, mozz, and feta pizza. Heavenly.