The mercury currently reads 95 degrees with a heat index of 108. I asked for summer and I got it. Full force. Not complaining.

My appetite has been crazy today. Crazy as in I want to eat everything I see. And I have.

I have eaten 3-4 slices of leftover cold pizza today. I hate cold pizza. I never eat cold pizza. Except for today. Rooibos in the mug. My gray AE sweats in the reflection of the tea kettle, along with paint, scraped and spackled and sanded walls and supplies as we’re repainting the exterior of our house. Remind me never to do that again for as long as I live, k? Thanks.

Other things that have crossed my palate today:

Note the half-empty bag. These are spicy and tangy and salty and everything I love most in a snack. TJs never fails me.

Ruby red grapefruit.  We bought these from Whole Foods over the weekend and they’re super sweet.

Mason jar full of water, ice, and lemon and lime slices x 32903893048 cause it’s hotter than hell.

Fitnessista Banana Bread

Bad blurry picture of The Fitnessista’s Banana Bread. I was working against a hungry Pug. I always take food pics outside on the deck. The neighbors already think I’m crazy, so no harm done. Please excuse B’s work boots and the paint shards and other paraphernalia we left lying around after our latest scraping/spackling/sanding session. This house is never going to actually get painted. Prepping to paint takes FOR. FREAKING. EVER.

The bread is gluten free and vegan, and that almost never happens. Not to mention it tastes fantastic! I had to feed some to PP (PP = Princess Pug) after I finished snapping pictures. Don’t worry, I picked out the chocolate chips first.

I am really full now, so I kind of doubt dinner is going to happen for me. I still have to feed the crew, however, so if it’s anything worth talking about I’ll be back.