So I’m growing out my hair. Big deal, right? Well yeah, for me it kinda is. I’ve had long hair exactly once in my life. I grew it out to just past shoulder length for my wedding and that’s the longest it has ever been. I chopped it off after the ceremony and that was that.

Wanna see something funny?

Oh, hi 19-year-old, what the hell are you doing getting married so young, me. Ninteen is young. Good. God. I mean, my oldest kid just turned 20 and I’d have a heart attack if she wanted to get married now. How did my parents refrain from locking me in my room for the rest of my life?

They loved Brent, so I think that helped. And we’re still married. Twenty one years later. God, it hurts just to admit that. Not the being married part, the 21 years part. How the hell did 21 years pass us by?

Anyhoo, I realize you can’t even see how long my hair is because it was in an updo for the wedding. Derr. But trust me, it was long.

I was never allowed to have long hair when I was young because I cried when my mom brushed it. So she kept it short and I looked like a boy and I begged and wished for long hair. Didn’t happen.

When I was 10 I started swimming competitively and that continued until I was 17. When you spend hours a day in a chlorine-filled pool, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. Plus, long hair drags your time down. So I spent most of my life with some version of a pixie, branching all the way out to a chin-length bob on occasion.

But once I hit third decade momville, I had an urge to grow it out. I stifled that urge for a while, but now I’m just doing it. I joined a hair forum devoted to growing and caring for long hair and holy crap there is a ton of stuff to know.

So here’s where my journey has taken me so far:


September 2010


July 2011

I’ve gotten some pretty good growth in 10 months. I take some specific vitamins and use a specific method of washing, and I also ditched chemical dye for henna. I’ll talk about all of that in future posts. Oh, and since you might be wondering, I am planning to grow to waist length and then see what I think. Maybe I’ll keep it and maybe I’ll chop it.  Who knows. I kind of want to end up as the old hippie granny with the long silver braid. Aspirations. I have em.