Sometimes I still get out of control with food. For so long I didn’t have a handle on it and binged and starved on a regular basis, but then I got it under control. Or so I thought. For the most part, I do have the binge/starve demon tamed, but every once in a while it likes to rear its ugly head. Like yesterday. Let’s look at what I have working against me right now, shall we?

– Sleep deprivation (Sunday night it was my back – pulled something trying to be a tough girl with the 12kg kettle bell, Monday night my neck (chronic neck pain), and last night I drank too much red wine and spent the night wheezing and coughing (wine aggravates my asthma). I finally gave up and popped a prednisone at 2:30. Speaking of which…
– Prednisone gives me terrible insomnia and makes me want to eat constantly

So yeah, I have excuses if I want to use them. But I don’t. I’m in charge here and I don’t HAVE to give in. I CHOOSE to give in. I don’t beat myself up over stuff like this, but I do try to think/talk it out because to ignore it is to will it to happen again.

I’m not listing my food from yesterday because I didn’t even bother to keep track of it, and even if I had, the list would be so long it would either make you sick or amaze you…maybe both. Suffice it to say I consumed roughly 3200 calories. Everything I ate was homemade or fresh, but I still ate too much of it. It happens. It’s over. Move on.

I did have a good kettlebell workout, although I was too exhausted with no sleep + work to even take a walk, and walking is something I usually never miss out on. I love to walk, especially when it’s nice out.


1 snatch, 1 transfer x 8
30 sec rest

1 snatch, 1 transfer x 12
45 sec rest

1 snatch, 1 transfer x 16
1 min rest

Repeat x 5 = amazing workout in about 25 minutes.

Never too tired to swing.